We design, manufacture and market safe & innovative machinery for solid bulk material handling. Our high-added value equipment is developed from our wide experience in the main fields where handling of bulk materials is required:

  • Chemical
  • Pharma
  • Biomass and recycling
  • Food (sugar, feed, etc.)
  • Cements and minerals (calcium carbonate, talc, calcium chloride, salts, etc.)
  • All industrial sectors involving transport or elevation of bulk solids.

At SAFER-TECH we design, test and improve processes and equipment so that we ultimately offer reliable and economically sound solutions to our customers. We constantly add new handling systems and products to our scope of supply, with an eye on adding value to the projects we involve ourselves in.

The Olds Elevator® is a new patented system for elevating bulk material (chemicals, pellets, food sector…). It is ATEX, since it does not produce dust. The Olds Elevator® meters and is able to keep flow steady without causing any attrition to the product being conveyed. It requires very low maintenance, is silent and it has a tiny footprint.

Sieves, vibrating screens, pumps and other equipment for classifying, conveying and separation of both solid and liquid products. The patented range of SCREEN-X sieves can handle sticky products and, thanks to the new and patented multifrequency (MFV) technology, to sieve down to 10 microns.

Patented polymeric modular screw. It can be find in ATEX, extra-resistant and food (FDA) compliant versions, as well as for conventional uses. Including for mixing purposes and with attached brushes. Diameters up to 300 mm, and up to 1.200 mm for special uses.

We offer the widest range of magnetic separators, including passive and active devices using rare earth as magnetic material, with very high magnetic capacity. We also supply electromagnetic systems. For separating ferrous materials both in dry and liquid processes.