Tornillo sinfin modular de tipo arquímedes archimedys

ARCHIMEDYS: modular Archimedes’ screw®

Archimedes screw, modular auger: We market for the whole Iberian Peninsula the innovative ARCHIMEDYS® modular screw. Its patented design, developed by Exventys, allows to far exceed the expectations of such systems, both in durability and reliability, and initial investment costs and maintenance and installation.

Archimedys® is the modular screw elevator that allows you to replace those damaged parts only, either by attrition or by accident.

Minimum weight and maximum wear (greater than steel in most applications) make the ARCHIMEDYS® modular screw the ideal solution for highly abrasive and / or difficult application configuration pricesses.

los distintos modulos patentados para el tornillo sin fin modular tipo arquimedes archimedys

You no longer need to have several spare screws. With only a few modules in stock, the cost of maintenance and replacement of damaged parts is minimal with Archimedys® modular screw.

This patented, innovative design by the engineering bureau Exventys makes Archimedys® modular screw increasingly present facilities throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world.

The Archimedys® modular screw far exceeds the expectations of these systems, both in durability and reliability, and initial investment costs and maintenance and installation.


Archimedys ® is the brand name for the modular screw created by Exventys, for solid and liquid bulk handling facilities. SAFER-TECH is the official dealer for the Iberian Peninsula.

Archimedys catalogue

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Archimedean screws

construction by assembling standard modules of the Archimedys product range is designed for manufacturers and installations using screw conveyors.

barrena modular para tornillo sin fin

High resistance and flexibility

Advantages of modular augers:

  • Ensure the maintenance of their equipment and their customers replacing only worn areas.
  • Welding operations are no longer necessary.
  • Improved rotation of the rotor against U-through.
  • No bearings or intermediate supports.
  • Greater abrasion resistance, up to three times greater than steel.
  • Noise damping during operation.
  • Energy saving, as it allows a smaller engine and involves applying a lower torque.
  • Environmentally friendly design that allows the suppression of welding, sandblasting or polyurethane coatings for corrosion protection by toxic metals specific metal shafts.

The hexagonal axis is the heart of modular screw Archimedys.
Diameters up to 150 mm.
We have different dimensions in stock.
The standard shaft length is 3 meters.
We have axes in carbon steel and stainless steel. The modules are inserted into large diameter standard square shafts available anywhere in the world.
Our customers only have to indicate the length and diameter of the shaft and we will provide custom modules.

Custom modules

Do you work a particular sector?

Do you need a specific screw?

We manufacture customized modules for specific needs.

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modulos fabricados a medida

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